Tuesday, April 26, 2011

That time of year again

Well it is that time of year again that the flowers start to awaken from their winter slumber. I am so delighted to tell you all that I got invited into a show at the Schaller Gallery in Michigan. The show is titled "For the Flowers" I am beyond thrilled! There are lot of the Major Hitters in the ceramics world that are shown in that gallery and I am THRILLED to have been asked to show along side them!

Back to the flowers... I love this time of year because the flowers in bloom are so incredible and beautiful! I get a lot of inspiration from then when I'm making flower bricks, and that's exactly what I;m thinking about when I'm working in the studio. I just wanted to share a few more photos I have taken of flowers.

This beauty was in P-town last summer.

I took this pic of an orchid at last years Boston Flower and Garden Show.

And last but not least my friend Liz from England sent me this pic of my platter with a long vase on top of it filled with flowers from her garden last summer.

**If you own a piece of mine I would LOVE a photo of it in use at the table, cats eating out of it or whatever! The funnier the better! I'm making a new page on my website of Arthur in Action Shots. THANKS!

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