Sunday, May 15, 2011

Find Out How Many People Are Subscribed to Your Etsy Shop's RSS Feed

By Danielle of The Merriweather Council

Sooo, in the most bootleg terms possible, RSS feeds supply the quick and simple version of either blog posts or some other thing gets updated frequently. When you subscribe to an RSS you can read it alongside others in what’s known as a “reader”. You don’t have to go around to each blog you want to visit, you just subscribe to their feeds and the posts come to you anytime the blog is updated. Its not an email, it’s something you check in on anytime you want. And just in case this is important: it stands to Rich Site Summary.

Okay, first, pull up your Etsy shop and scroll down to where the Tweet button and Facebook "like" buttons are. Under that you will see "Subscribe to feed" - click that.

Now highlight the address from the window that opened and copy it!

Now go log into whatever account you use for your Google reader and find "reader" in the navigation bar up top on your gmail page, and please click it.

Now see where it says "add a subscription"? Click that and paste the address you copied from above and click the "add" button

Now you will see your feed in your reader. Go over to the right hand side of the screen and click "show details"

Now you can see some stats about this feed including how many people are subscribed to it! There are a whopping 4 people subscribed to mine!

For more tutorials, come visit me on my blog!


  1. note that this tells you how many subscribe to your feed on Google Reader only. There are other readers such as Bloglines and you'd have to repeat the process for them individually.

  2. very helpful, thanks danielle!

  3. yes, what mimi said! on feedburner I had 350+ but on GR i had like, 12 lol (for my blog) also, i think this part went missing in the great blogger blackout of 2011 but melissa of to boldly fold showed me how to do this

  4. Hey, thanks! I just realized this week that we have RSS for our shops! And now I know that no one is following me! Awesome! lol :)


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