Friday, May 13, 2011

MIT's Festival of Art, Science, and Technology

LinkBy Jennifer T. of MaJenta Designs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) celebrates their 150 year anniversary this year, and as part of the celebration the had very exciting installations as part of their annual Festival of Arts, Science, and Technology (FAST). FAST is an interesting intersection of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation.

It was a mild spring evening, so my family decided to go out and scope my sister's alma mater's campus.

This installation was reminiscent of the vaulted cathedral ceilings of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia.

This "Unflat Pavilion" is the formation of something 3D from using only 2D flat plywood.

This "String Tunnel" is supposed to guide the way to MIT's Infinite Corridor. Looking up at them, it created almost a 3D view.

The "MIT Mood Meter" have these sensors throughout campus, to measure the level of "happiness" around campus.

"Liquid Archive" is a piece that's actually in the middle of the Charles River, which has an interactive moving projection that kept moving and changing across the inflated "MIT". In the background you can see the Mass Ave bridge (and if you see the glowing square behind that, there is the "citgo sign" near Fenway Park). The "Light Bridge" also was an interactive stream of lights symbolizing the connection of Boston and Cambridge.

Even though FAST were only temporary installations, they still have several pieces and architecture around campus to still be in awe of, such as their "Stata Center", where the building looks almost surreal with its sidings/walls appearing as if they are collapsing and defying gravity.

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