Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can you make... ?

by Kerrie of CodysCreations

Recently I have made some very memorable custom pieces for customers who have contacted me through my Etsy shop.

Such as this harness for a Bearded Dragon (a lizard). The customer's landlord required all pets within the building to have a collar/harness, leash and ID tag whenever they were in a common area. For size reference the harness measured about 4 inches around, to date this was the smallest harness I have made.

A custom request from Linzey at Phoenix Assistance Dogs: a leash that connects to a wheelchair. The leash needed to be adjustable, easy to use, and bonus if it could be cute. The leash can be shorted when SSD/Gretal is working and lengthened when Gretal is taking a doggie moment. I will be adding this leash to the shop this week, and for each wheelchair leash purchased 25% of the sales will be donated to the Phoenix Assistance Dogs.

I love requests for custom orders, a chance to think outside of the box, a chance to solve a little puzzle. Wonder what my next custom order will be??


  1. Love these! The lizard is so cool and to help out like this is great

  2. Custom orders do provide fun challenges! Love he lizard harness!

  3. eek! <3 love you Kerrie!! My leash is still working amazingly - I love it and it is flawless!


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