Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Collaborative Wedding Gift

by Sharon Fischer of Stray Notions

While making/creating is a sometimes solitary pursuit their are opportunities for collaborating which I love to explore. Back in April I asked if any Boston Handmade members or alumni would be interested in collaborating on a quilt to give to Crystal Hanehan (now an alumni and soon to be Sloane). I tried to leave the options open: Create something on your own, or with my help and supplies in a group situation; No sewing required; Use traditional techniques or not... make it your own, make it with love. Have some fun and see what we can make together. I had so much fun coordinating this project and think that the final quilt is really fun and represents the range of talents beautifully.

Can you guess who created each block? If not each has hot link to the creator's online shop.


  1. Sharon, the quilt turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for sharing photos- it's so nice to see it in completion.

  2. I only guessed 3 right, and was WAY off base on some guesses. Fun!

  3. Hi Sharon

    Your work is awesome !!! I like these designer quilt most :)


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