Friday, July 1, 2011

Photowalk, North End

By Kerry of Khawkinsphotography

Recently, I led a photowalk for my Boston Handmade peeps. We happened to agree on a day the Bruins were playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. I think a mixed blessing. The city was teaming with black and yellow shirts and had a fun energy. It was a busy night. But, the weather was prefect and so was the light for photographing.

We wandered all around the North End. There are so many cool streets in the North End. When you go off the beaten path it can be very quiet. There is also, the hustle and bustle where all the the tourists, residents, stops, bakeries and eateries converge on the main streets. I love those garlic, pizza and garlic smells.

We ended the night with a beer and some tasty pizza at Ernesto's. Always a good bet. The game was playing and some of the customers were a bit rowdy but, it added to the energy.

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