Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fascinating Fascinators

By Celeste of ElephunksTrunk

The recent wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton has been credited with the rise in popularity of fascinators in the United States. While I cannot deny that the elaborate head wear of the royal wedding guests provided much eye candy for the stylistically inclined, fascinators have in fact been gaining in popularity for several years. But what exactly defines these head pieces?

Wikipedia defines fascinators as “delicate, frivolous, head decoration....[that] attach to the head by comb, headband, or clip.” Milliners are somewhat divided about exactly what makes a fascinator. A search on Etsy will reveal everything from simple flowers on hair clips to elaborate constructions of buckram, wire, and feathers. Some milliners contend that only the later should qualify, holding fascintors to the standards of the dress code for the Royal Ascot horse races. Others cast a wider net, more akin to the Wikipedia definition, that encompasses anything that must be fastened to the head. Personally, I fall somewhat in the middle, separating out my simpler hair combs from my fancier fascinators.

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  1. Thanks for all this information Celeste! It's great to learn more about such a fun and growing trend.


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