Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Second Knitting Project

by Karen Mahoney of City by the Sea Ceramics

After writing about my first knitting project, I am proud to announce I have finished my second knitting project! It's a wide, long scarf made with a beautiful yarn that is so soft and lovely. Now I'm just waiting for some cool weather to come my way so I can show it off.

Since it's my second project, I'm still learning and this project definitely taught me a few things.

First, when beginning, it's best to sort out your tension issues and get a good feel for things before you venture into something like a giant scarf. It turns out that as you progress you loosen up your stitches, one end of it ends up looking quite different than the other. :)

Second, pick an appropriate second project! When picking this pattern and yarn, I was not guided to something that would be more forgiving while gaining a feel for things. When approaching others for help with problems I was having, I kept hearing that this project was not a 'second project'. That explains the few imperfections you can find in my work. Even so, I don't mind, as I think each 'problem' reminds me of a certain point in the project, and each giving me a bit more confidence as things got worked out and progressed.

Third, be generous with yarn amounts. Size measurements went out the window as the project progressed, since my looser style was shaping the scarf wider and more open. This left me to estimate things. I cut myself short twice. First I had to unhook the last row to free up some yarn to bind off. Then when I was binding off, I realized about 20 stitches from the end I was still going to be short. I had to gently tug on each stitch I had bound off with a crochet hook, freeing up any length I could to have enough to finish it off. It worked out, but not without some patience and reworking.

There won't be a moment's rest between projects for me though. Next up I'm making a baby blanket for my new niece that is due this fall, a bag for her big sister so she doesn't get jealous, some strawberries to display in my berry bowls, and cupcakes to display on my cake stands. Of course, I will keep you up to date!

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