Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Ceramic Galleries you need to know

By Arthur of Arthur Halvorsen Ceramics

So there are places around the country that are known for their physical galleries but they also have great online galleries that if you can't get there are almost just as good. I realize that I (along with most of the world) would rather see a piece in person than online, there's nothing like seeing a touching a piece in person and the great thing about the majority of ceramic galleries they let you handle to work! You really get a sense of a mug by holding it by the handle, feeling the weight of a plate or feeling the thickness of the wall of a bowl. In any case if you can't get to the galleries in person then online is the next best thing!

Red Lodge Clay Center, Red Lodge MT
Red Lodge has a great site and they feature a lot of the top ceramics artists in the country. Located in rural Montana they also have a really great residency program that I would love to be part of sometime in the near future!

Schaller Gallery, St. Joseph MI
The Schaller Gallery is a relatively new gallery to the scene and they have a lot of great shows that go up online, and I'm not just saying that because I'm on of the artists they represent I really believe that they are promoting great work in the ceramics community.

AKAR, Iowa City IA
AKAR not only represents ceramics, but they also represent other craft forms and products that are really well designed. They also have a part of their business that they do architecture design as well which is pretty cool. They have a great Yunomi Invitational show that happens every year in the spring time and I just got my letter in the mail last week! Stay tuned for updates to that show.

The Clay Studio, Philadelphia PA
The Clay Studio in Philly is the premiere ceramic artist in residency with in an urban setting in not only the nation but the world as well in my opinion. They have a great residency program not only bringing in people from around the US but also bringing in artists from around the world. They also have a FANTASTIC gallery and comprehensive overview of the best ceramic artists in the country. I dream of the day that I'll have a residency at the Clay Studio that is after Grad School.

Vessles Gallery, Boston MA
Well I had to include at least one from the Boston area. Vessles is in the South End part of Boston near where the SOWA takes place in that building where the artist studios are. They have a great rotating line up of shows that change from month to month and right now they have a show that is all about the wood firing process. Above is not an image of that but rather from my friend Angie Cunningham's solo show that was there this past spring. Angie is also a resident at my studio Mudflat.

So if you have the chance and are in the area of any of these galleries you should try and check them out!

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