Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Andrew Huang: made by hand

by Jessica Burko of Reclaimed To You

Many months ago someone Tweeted a link to a YouTube channel called, Songs To Wear Pants To, and a specific video called, Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows. Upon one listen/view, I became a dedicated fan. I immediately began following the Twitter feed of this musician and creator of the most entertaining, funniest, and smartest music and videos I've seen in a long time when he suddenly announced a contest: he would give a free album and handmade artist book to a few random Twitter followers. Oh yeah baby!
Just a few days after that announcement, I received notice that I had been randomly chosen as one of the Twitter winners! Yippeeeee hooraaay!! I corresponded with this audio visual genius and received a package in the mail a week later. I was so excited, so, so very excited, that somehow I promptly managed to loose the package. Oh yeah.
Recently, I reorganized my home workspace, unearthed a bunch of files, papers, and piles of things long ago misplaced and lo and behold: I found my winning gift! Well, the long wait must have been meant to be because the album and accompanying handmade artist book bears the title, Your Autumn Heart, and it is now indeed, our first real autumn day here in Boston. The light is crisp, the air is clean, and I am listening to a wonderful group of original songs written, voiced, and recorded by Canadian artist, Andrew Huang. Oh!

The photos above represent a few pages from the lovely and well crafted artist book Andrew sent to me, and you can learn all about Andrew and all the great and varied work he creates on his website: You will enjoy it!

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