Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mosaic: Foliage

1. Old Farm 5x7 Print , by Kerry Hawkins Photography
2. Hummingbirds T Shirt - Women's Organic , by An Li Design
3. Wrist warmers/arm warmers - Autumn bonfires , by Stray Notions
4. Coral 156 yards of Merino Wool , by Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design
5. Sterline and fire opal Wright Earrings , by Cristina Hurley
6. Ochre Mug , by City by the Sea Ceramics
7. Renaissance Mary Icon Clover Cross Necklace , by Parrish Relics
8. Embroidery Hoop Art , by Merriweather Council
9. Felted Fall Leaves by Cozy Cottage Creations


  1. Yes fall is in the air -- attended a potluck that turned out to be a pumpkin and apple buffet :)

  2. Beautiful I love it! and October is definitely my favorite month.


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