Saturday, November 19, 2011

1 Year Later

by Kerrie of Cody's Creations

My vision for Cody’s Creations is to have a collection of exclusive and unique offerings for your pets. After creating several products, like the Pocket Treat and Training Pouch, and the Partner Link, I was determined to be able to offer collars and leashes that you couldn’t find everywhere. I began researching how I could have ribbons and trims made with my designs.

Just about a year ago, I began working my first custom ribbon design. After spending hours and days on the graphic, I could not wait to see my design come to life. Today, I have seven ribbon designs under my belt. And each time I send off my graphic, I get so excited to open the package and see the ribbon. I feel energized and recharged and cannot wait to begin to make collars and leashes with the new ribbon.



Bow Ties

Bow Ties




My goal going into this year is to at least double the amount of ribbon designs that I created this year. I already have a few designs in the works and hope that I can get at least 1 more new design before the end of the year. What would your ultimate collar design be?

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