Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crafting Halloween

By Evan of Evan Webster Ink

Halloween is one of the greatest times of the year to learn a crafty new skill or practice an old one! There are so many costumes that it almost forces one to try something out they wouldn't normally. That's what happened to me!

I don't have a broad range of crafting skills. I generally try new things within my area of expertise, screen printing. But that all changed this year because I decided to be a rooster for Halloween.

The bright orange hoody was already hanging in my closet. It's one of about 15 hoodies so I decided it could be sacrificed in the name of being the brightest rooster in town. Someone else (thanks Marty!) made the crown and gobbles by sewing pieces of fabric together, with some stuffing in between. Then it came time to attach the gobbles and crown to the hood and that's when I realized it was time to learn how to sew by hand. With some help of my girlfriend and a root beer to get over my nervous jitters I kind of just did it.

The sewing was nothing fancy but the result was most definitely a rooster! So mission accomplished.

You didn't know roosters like to read and brush their teeth every morning?

As a side note, it was awesome to have an easy-to-wear-and-recognize costume. I had it on most of the weekend and the effect wearing a fun costume has on people is spectacular. Kids smiled and pointed and made sounds at me. And more adults smiled and said hello over the weekend than in the previous six months.

So find some inspiration and get crafting. Now I just need to figure out what to be next year. Any suggestions?


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