Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Mosaic: Boston Handmade Blue

Curated by Lynne of Cozy Cottage Creations

1. Mug , by Arthur Halvorsen
2. Black cat square bookplates , by cricicis design
3. 1 inch Wide Dog Collar in Breakfast at Tiffanys , by Cody's Creations
4. Hair Comb Blue Origami Peace Crane , by Elephunk's Trunk
5. Lemon and Lime 166 yards of hand dyed and handspun wool , by Lady Dye Fiber Arts & Design
6. 1 Large Rectangle Japanese Chiyogami Decorated Tin by MaJenta Designs


  1. Wow! It really is our colors in this mosaic! Especially on Cody's Creations' collar.

    Want more BH color? Snap up one of our T-shirts while supplies last:


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