Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Uppercase Magazine

by An Li Liu of An Li Liu

Hello issue #11! It finally arrived in my mailbox the other day. Uppercase is a bimonthly arts and crafts publication that features a gamut of inspiring images and stories. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful magazine around these days. It’s graphically pleasing and nice to hold.

Uppercase features some of the most talented artists working today from North America and around the world. I really like how it draws from reader participation, accepting submissions for story ideas, giving the magazine a fresh, dynamic community feel. The current issue features art that’s a “Labour of Love”, people whose work is highly detailed and labor intensive, as well as a new column by artist/entrepreneur Rena Tom who answers readers questions about their small businesses.

At present, it’s not available at any local Boston shop, so I got a subscription online. At about $20 an issue, and with so many print publications going under, it’s hard to imagine this being a success. But it seems like they’ve found an international audience who appreciates things well designed, written and produced; it’s become a coveted, collectable magazine in art circles all over. And it’s Canadian to boot!

Check out Uppercase here.


  1. I got this issue, my first, to get a feel for the magazine. It is beautiful, but my issue arrived in a padded envelope that was then packed in a box large enough to hold almost 20 magazines! May I ask how yours arrived? I'm hesitant to subscribe if this the standard mailing method...

  2. My issues arrive in a padded envelope without the extra box:) I'm not sure why that happened with yours. You could email them and ask to double check though!


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