Thursday, December 22, 2011

From the hands of wise children

by Jessica Burko of Reclaimed To You

On November 28th the best holiday gift arrived to our family - our new baby Naomi. About a week later the best new baby gift arrived from two classrooms of 2nd graders at St. Peter's School in Philadelphia courtesy of my dear childhood friend, and amazing teacher, Jessica Kulick.
Every 2nd grader handmade a beautiful card and wrote a heartfelt letter of "advice for a good life" to our new baby daughter. I am so grateful for all the letters we received and for the great advice (in fantastic handwriting!) such as:

"You should not watch too much TV or play too many video games because it makes your brain go mushy. Do not be mean to your brother. Do not cry too much in the night" from Christian and, "Listen to your mommy and daddy! You should also try not to bite people in your family or anyone else!" from Charlotte and, "Get washable markers and paint." from Trevor and, "You should be a good friend so your friends will be good to you." from Drew.

Wise words, and sweet gifts. Receiving this amazing package also got me thinking about handwritten letters and how I rarely send or receive them anymore. The letters from these children inspired me to write a few letters of my own, by hand, on nice paper, and mail them to friends and family. Sometimes the sweetest gift is the simplest one.

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  1. that is so adorable! what sweet kids and what a great friend you have.

  2. so adorable, love their cute messages :)


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