Thursday, January 5, 2012

Holiday Crafting: Webster Style

By Evan of Evan Webster Ink

A quirky tradition started years ago has become the Webster family's marquee holiday event. Every Christmas eve we get together and order Thai food. No, wait. Well, that is a yearly tradition also. But the one I'm talking about is crafting our annual Christmas stockings.

Grandma Joan spends the year stocking up on those ever-rarer blank-sided paper grocery bags. Aunt Marcia always brings more than enough rubber cement, pastels and collage materials. Everyone else throws their old calendars in the middle of the table. And then we get to work.

Every person's style is different as is every year's. This year orange and red took center stage. Although no year would be complete with some sort of extreme animal collage.

Can you guess which one is mine?

A couple from 2010.


  1. These are so great! What a wonderful crafting tradition.

  2. i love this! it is such an amazing tradition to keep.

  3. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing yours next year? :)


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