Friday, January 20, 2012

Unique Home Organization Tips

By Jennifer T. by MaJenta Designs

Living in Boston, space is definitely a commodity... that's why I'm always looking out for better ways of organizing and storing things around the house.

Now that the holidays have ended, this is a clever idea by Martha Stewart on storing all your ornaments again, using tupperware and cups.

I like this Real Simple suggestion of repurposing jewelry boxes into helpful storage compartments in your catch-all drawer.

I love this idea by Better Homes & Gardens of using a wine rack to store some craft supplies.

This is my favorite storage idea from Country Living about upcycling an old dollhouse into a clever storage for laundry and bathroom supplies.

1 comment :

  1. these are such great ideas! i use the jewelry box trick and i think i need to try out more of these tips. thanks for sharing!


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