Saturday, February 4, 2012

Revisiting The Malden Arts Community and Malden Public Library

by Jen Parrish of Parrish Relics

As a returning resident of Malden after about 18 years, I had been wanting to reconnect with the vibrant local art community.

There was an Exhibition at the Malden Public Library, a place where I spent many hours as a child and discovered many of my favorite books on the shelves. Designed by Trinity Church Architect Henry Hobson Richardson, I always felt like I was entering a magical castle with its towers, dragons and griffin carvings.

He has since become one of my favorite American Architects, we are lucky to have so many of his works in Massachusetts to visit. The William Morris/Edward Burne-Jones windows at Trinity are so inspirational to me and I seek them out as often as possible (as are the Medieval Inspired designs by local artist Sarah W. Whitman.)

The old building that I was familiar with is now a gallery, the books have all moved into the new wing. A grand space for an Art Show, getting to know the work of local artists, and meeting new people. Glad to be back in Malden!

Window Arts Malden 2011

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