Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day with Boston Handmade

Today is Earth Day. But ask yourself: Why celebrate the Earth with only one day of environmental awareness when it can be observed all year long?  
Unique hat recycled from a 1970s skirt, by Elephunks Trunk
At Boston Handmade we embrace the concept of Earth Day and carry the model through every day of every year. As independent creative business people the members of Boston Handmade produce and sell art and craft locally, and each member operates from a small working environment as opposed to pollution spewing factories. These environmentally friendly actions reduce both our carbon footprints, and those of our customers.
Collectible owl made from 20-year-old pants, vintage buttons, and eco-friendly wool, by Hibou Designs
Many of our members create their art and craft from recycled and upcycled elements. Found, rescued, or passed down through the generations, by not using new materials we reduce waste and save resources. Through our choices of materials and our creative methods, the mindset of, “reduce, reuse, recycle” means more to us than a slogan on a blue box. Conserving resources is something each one of us keeps in the forefront of our minds, and harnessing the power of our own hands propels us.
Paper quilt made from wallpaper scraps, damaged books, and found ephemera by Jessica Burko
Please celebrate Earth Day by recognizing and acting on the many things you can do to help the Earth, and by supporting artists and craftspeople who already do.

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