Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative Collaboration

By Kerry of Kerry Hawkins Photo

Boston Handmade Member, Jen Tang models one of the Boston Handmade T-shirts

Detail of the educational tags that come with each Boston Handmade T-shirt
One of the wonderful things about the Boston Handmade T-shirts is the packaging and tags. When I ordered my t-shirt it came wrapped in tissue with a fabric ribbon, and it has these cool tags attached.

The t-shirt design and printing project is a fun collaboration between Boston Handmade and Boston Handmade member and Screen Printer Evan Webster Ink

The Boston Handmade informational card has a wonderful description about our group including our website and Evan's tag is very fun and has a great tagline, "This tag serves as proof of genuine Evan Webster Ink Product. All work guaranteed." Clever!

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