Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vintage knitting supplies

by Karen Mahoney of City by the Sea Ceramics
I visited my family recently and raided my mom's knitting supplies. It's pretty interesting to see what someone who began knitting in the 60's has collected over the years. There's an awesome vintage needle bag, crochet hooks that have the cost of 25¢ stamped on it, and tons of old knitting magazines, some up to 50 years old. I thought I'd find all sorts of cool patterns in them, but they're mostly just ridiculous. I ended up flying home with a needle bag, project bag, lots of needles and hooks, and various notions. I'm very curious what my new 14" size 35 aluminum knitting needles looked like rolling through TSA security, I'm sure they look suspect on an x-ray.


  1. Cool bag! (and btw ... please define ridiculous :) )

  2. hmm, there was one pattern that was really terrible. a matching his and hers hat and tie combo with stripes. couples generally like to both wear a tie AND had that match their partner, right??? no, never. and far, far too many bikini's.


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