Friday, April 13, 2012

Yoga and Creativity

by An Li Liu
An Li Liu wearing one of her original silk screened designs
Alongside my life as a designer and maker, I practice and teach yoga here in the Boston area. There are obvious physical benefits to mindful movement after hours of sitting or hunching over a table. But what I find really interesting is the mental clarity and opening that can happen as a result of yoga. Shifts in perspective can occur, as well as a more fluid, easeful approach to daily life. Asanas, or postures, along with attention to breath can help to free up energy in the body, as well as in the mind. And this can translate to heightened creativity.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, maybe consider a beginner’s class in your neighborhood. But don’t expect quick results – it’s a long evolving process that can feel hard on so many levels, but it’s the process itself that holds the most potent learning. Just like in creative endeavors, you have an idea of a goal, but the richness is in the process. Move through each step along the way with attention and effort and the result will naturally follow.

You can find me at Karma Yoga in Cambridge. You can also peruse a brief bio here.

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