Friday, August 17, 2012

Jewelry in Motion: Watch a Pendant Grow

by Cristina Hurley of Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design

I got a wonderful custom order from a client who is getting married... He wanted a pendant for his fiance to receive and wear on their wedding day. The client asked me to try to make a piece inspired by a bridge on a local bike path, which is where they met, and will be exchanging their vows. Pretty neat huh? What a special project, I knew I wanted to do my very best, because it was so special and he had put his faith in me to do something really awesome.

I documented the process, as I often do, in photographs. This is a fun way to have a record of the project and to be able to remember how it was made and show the client progress, in case they might want to make any changes or suggestions.

I have a great, simple program on my computer called Picasa which helps me to crop and fix photos, but you can do so many other things, you can make movies and slideshows, collages and so much more.

I experimented with the photos from this project and made a great slideshow which shows the pendant "growing". Really cool! I just added some fun music and Voila! Before I knew it it was up on you tube!
Here is the slideshow:

I sent the slideshow to the client and he really enjoyed it and even left a nice comment on the video. I thought it was a great way to show him the process and give him peace of mind that it was being made and coming out good.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Nice video. What I found the most amazing, is how you turned a bridge (!!!) into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Not to mention you were able to document the process.
    I have noticed that every time I document the making of a piece, that piece fails for some reason. Strange curse huh ?

  2. Thanks! When I first got the photos, I was definitely thinking, "oh boy, how am i going to pull this off?" but once I had time to think, then sketch, I knew it would be a fun project.
    I'm used to documenting almost every project at this point. Many times it helps the customer see progress and that it actually going to be finished in time! Sorry to hear it fails when you do. Just keep trying! :)

  3. Thanks! when I got the original photograph there defintely was a feeling of "oh boy, how am I going to do something for this?" But once I had time to think and sketch, I knew it would be fun. Sorry to hear you have trouble documenting your pieces and that they don't work out. I would just keep trying! I document almost every piece at this point. Its become a habit. I really enjoy it.


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