Saturday, November 24, 2012

An opening party extravaganza

by Jessica Burko

It's with great delight that I report to you that the grand opening party of the 2012 Boston Handmade Holiday Gallery was an enormous success! The gallery opened on Saturday, November 17th with a GIANT RUSH of shoppers and a flurry of holiday cheer! We are thrilled that so many people came to celebrate with us and are grateful to everyone who came together this season to make handmade magic once again.
I have been describing the grand opening party as a "mob scene" and I want you to know that description is in no way an exaggeration. I actually had to leave early with my two small children because I was worried for their safety in the crush of people purchasing unique holiday gifts for friends and loved ones. Oh the insanity!
It was so crowded in there it was hard to move at times, and the line at the register wound all the way through the space. People were enchanted by the newly opened venue in Canton Center. One shopper commented to me that she found the perfect gift for her mother-in-law and couldn't believe that it was the first holiday gift she bought this season because her mother-in-law is notoriously difficult to shop for. Go handmade go! Go handmade go!
BIG cheers of gratitude go to Boston Handmade member Cristina Hurley for hosting our gallery this season at her beautiful new Canton space, and to Aaron of Monkey Chow for being the very first gallery volunteer this season, working at the gallery the entire opening day and coming back for more on Sunday.
Additional gratitude goes to gallery exhibitors who contributed items to the free gift bags that went to the first 20 gallery customers (the bags were gone in mere minutes!), Cody's Creations, Happy Owl Glassworks, Cristina Hurley, Lucie Wicker, and there were also items included from Boston Handmade and, who has been a long-time supporter of our group.
The party was catered by Laura MacDougall of Home Plate Advantage Personal Chef Service, who made sure that everyone was well nourished during their shopping rampage through the fields of handmade.
Apologies for the blurry and low quality photos. They were all I could capture as I squeezed through the arts enthusiasts enthusiastically toasting the new gallery and making merry.
The party may now be a memory, but we still have many beautiful items awaiting you and the gallery will be receiving new inventory from exhibitors throughout the season, so shop early and shop often! Find us through December 30th at:
Cristina Hurley Gallery
554 Washington Street
Canton, MA 02021

Make this year the beginning of your handmade holiday traditions.
Make this year bright with Boston Handmade.

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