Friday, January 18, 2013

Art on the Paper: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

By Kerry Hawkins

I have recently visited two exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. One is the The Postcard Age, Selections from the Leonard A. Lauder Collection and Art in the Street, European Posters

This is a sampling of the European posters on display. I really loved this exhibit. The exhibit featured posters from all around Europe from France to Russia. Many of the posters were bright and very bold. They advertised everything from alcohol to political movements. This exhibit featured posters by Jules Chéret, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Pierre Bonnard, as well as Wassily Kandinsky.

The Postcard exhibit was fascinating and it is hard to believe that this is a very small sampling (400) of postcards in a very large collection found in the Leonard A. Lauder Postcard Archive.

The exhibit is set up by theme including advertising, travel, political and much more...
These are small canvases recording our past. Postcards were a big part of communication with family and friends, before email, facebook and twitter. People collected them and pasted them in albums. This is well worth a look.

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