Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Marketplace Preview: All About Art

It's so close one can feel it in the air, tingling with anticipation. The 6th Annual Boston Handmade Marketplace in Union Square Somerville is less than three weeks away! Come see the original, unique, and diverse array of ALL LOCAL exhibitors and arts organizations at our summer celebration of handmade: Saturday, July 13th from 3-7pm. While you're there, buy some art!

Mermaid Octopus, a watercolor and ink illustration by Sepia Lepus.

National Public Radio recently produced a story advocating for investing in visual art. According to their featured expert (a former successful Wall Street portfolio manager who now consults with clients about art as an alternative asset), "Fine art has a proven track record as a good choice during hard times. It outperforms in times of economic turmoil and trouble. It has outperformed during all of the wars of the 20th century. It's outperformed during the last 27 recessions." So if that's not enough to persuade you that real art made by real artists is something you should bring home and put on your walls instead of that old, faded Monet poster you bought in college, let the artists of the Boston Handmade Marketplace turn your head with their incredible talent...

Handmade art, original illustrations, and prints by Monkey Chow.  

Fine art photography by K Hawkins Photography.
Original artwork Dana Garczewski of The Patterned Peacock.

In addition to the independent artists exhibiting their work at the 2013 Boston Handmade Marketplace we are delighted to present Somerville master printmaker Carolyn Muskat who will be exhibiting her artwork along with several other artists from the professional lithography studio and gallery that she owns and operates, Muskat Studios.

Carolyn Muskat working in her Somerville studio, Muskat Studios.

The 2013 Boston Handmade Marketplace is: One-of-a-kind, limited edition, unique, fun. Live music, DIY activities, craft demonstrations. For all these reasons and more, make Union Square Somerville your destination on Saturday, July 13th.

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  1. Love this. Thank you for including my photo. Can't wait for the event


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