Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Workspace Wednesday: Enchanted Hue

"Workspace Wednesday" is a feature on the Boston Handmade blog where we get a rare glimpse into the creative space of artists and craftspeople. This week, the workspace of enchantedhue...

"I work mainly in my kitchen for preparing dyes and applying them to silk. It is a bit of a messy process, and I need running water and lots of space. Sometimes I move from counter top to floor when preparing a piece."

"The pot on the left is reserved for extracting dyes from plant material. It is just the right size and non-reactive, which is important. At the moment, it holds a good amount of onion skins that are almost done soaking before I can start straining the skins and boiling the dye... The bowl on the right holds chopped up red cabbage. I just set it up this morning and it will have to soak for a few days until it yields the right shade of purple I am hoping to achieve... My elder son said to a friend once: 'There is always something cooking in my mom's kitchen - but rarely is it food' "

To see Susanne's finished silk scarves and home accessories visit her Etsy shop:

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