Friday, July 12, 2013

Why Handmade: 2013 BostonHandmade Marketplace in Union Square, Somerville, MA

by Lynn Mohney of Prunella’sWorkshop

Are you still trying to decide what to do with your afternoon tomorrow? Bored from just another typical Saturday? Need a way to brush off those cobwebs and see the sunlight? Come to the 6th Annual Boston Handmade Marketplace in Union Square, Somerville, MA from 3 to 7. This exciting event will feature the members of Boston Handmade as well as other independent New England artists and crafts people, arts organizations, and local craft studios. All of the work exhibited is one-of-a-kind or limited edition handmade by local people.

Handmade items pictured above by Early Bird Designs, Linkouture, and Abigail Leigh Handbags

In a world where so much has become mass-produced exported from third world countries for meager wages or child labor, it is hard to miss the call to buy local, buy handmade. Here is your opportunity. There will be 20+ exhibitors showing and selling items such as ceramics, fine art, handspun yarn, jewelry, paper goods, textiles, and so much more.  Artisans will be performing craft demonstrations through out the event so you can actually see how a work of art is created. If you are more of a hands on kind of person, there will also be DIY activities that you can try yourself!

In case I have not convinced you yet that the only place to be tomorrow is the Boston Handmade Marketplace, let me tell you a little bit about some of our exhibitors!

Sashiko Pottery by Karen Mahoney of City by the Sea Ceramics

Our very own Karen Mahoney of City by the Sea Ceramics will be unleashing new work with lovely sashiko embroidery pattern work, fresh out of her kiln direct to you.  Karen says “I enjoy traditional Asian pots and like to bring portions of their aesthetic to my work. I love teabowls and maebyongs, shino and tenmoku glazes, and surfaces with rope inlay and impression. The influences of various shapes, glazes, and techniques are blended with a comfortable, modern style, bringing the qualities I love into the homes of others and becoming part of their daily lives.”

Tile Magnet by Kerry Hawkins Photography

Kerry Hawkins of Kerry Hawkins Photography, and also a Boston Handmade member has converted some of her exquisite photographs to tile magnets for your enjoyment. Kerry states “I love to photograph cities and all their diverse neighborhoods and buildings. I take long walks and often just wander and see what happens. My camera is always with me.”

Chevron canvas hand painted tote by Kristina Burkey of Crumple and Toss 

Kristina Burkey of Crumple and Toss will be exhibiting her fine paper goods including an array of unique and fun greeting cards. She is also adding tote bags to her exciting inventory of paper goods. She says “One day a nice boy asked if I wanted to get married and I thought that sounded fun so we made invitations and a switch flipped."

A Crown of Lilies Pendant by Prunella's Workshop
And of course I will be there with Prunella’s Workshop, showing my handmade metal jewelry and accessories. We have a love of the past, and a fascination with the many similarities ancient jewelry has to the current fashion in jewelry. Some of our work strives to be as authentic as possible to the period whence it originated, while other pieces are mere inspirations from the past with a modern flair.

And do not forget the live music. There is nothing more festive than live music wafting through the air to brighten your mood. The Grownup Noise and Nowhere Lights will be performing all day.

 So, you are coming, right? I knew you would!

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