Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Many Hats of Online Sellers

By Susanne of enchantedhue

As I delete yet another batch of product photos gone horribly wrong from my camera, I realize something:

I am a fiber artist.

I am not a photographer. Neither am I a copy writer nor an SEO specialist nor a PR professional. I certainly am not a market analyst or a book keeper. Not a product stylist or a shipping agent. Not a website designer. Not a customer service representative. No degree in Marketing or Advertising hanging on my walls.

"Many Hats" by Laura from LULU Art

Yet as the owners of online shops, we need to be all of the above. We have to learn by experience. By trial and error. Many errors! By communicating with other members of the community. By sharing advice and comparing techniques. By joining teams and associations where we can learn more and find support.

Having an online shop is not a cute hobby or an easy way to make money. It is hard work, has a steep learning curve, and takes lots of patience and even more time.

But in what other job do you get to wear so many different hats? What other job takes you out of your comfort zone and area of expertise on a daily basis? It certainly never gets boring. Frustrating sometimes, yes, but never boring.

Still, I am not a photographer! And I have the fuzzy pictures to prove it!

(please note that the background, however, is perfectly sharp!)

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