Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Art in Unexpected Places

by Jessica Burko

I recently had the occasion to walk through parts of Boston that I don't normally frequent and the bonus surprise was finding some hidden works of art in the corners, shadows, and right in front of my nose.
Painted glass panel located in an office building at 1 Milk Street in Boston. This piece was relocated here from the Immigration Museum, artist unknown.

These discoveries made me realize how thoroughly surrounded by creativity we are here in Boston, and how grateful I am for it.

A tower of plastic bottle caps by sculptor George Sabra can be found tucked into a corner of the main lobby of Boston City Hall.

Have you found any unexpected or hidden art in your travels here or elsewhere? Please share your discoveries with us in the comments, thanks!

Metal safety pin in cement surrounded by brick, located on the sidewalk of Webster Street in Brookline. Artist unknown.

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