Friday, January 17, 2014

Why Handmade: Rings and Things

by Lynn Mohney of Prunella’s Workshop

Lately, I have been hyper-focused on building my inventory. I don’t need to just make new pieces; I need a lot of them. For the last couple of months, I really focused on creating new earrings. I fabricated earrings until I couldn’t see straight, and then I made some more earrings. I didn’t think I could come up with any more designs that could dangle from your ears.

I have now moved on to rings. I am still in the beginning stages, having only made a few over the last week or so. I haven’t grown tired of how many different ways someone can wrap a piece of metal around their finger and call it a ring. I’m enthusiastic this will be even more fun than earrings.

Boyfriend Ring by Cristina Hurley Designs
Rings are easily my favorite type of jewelry, both to wear and to make. Depending on the design, and your activities of choice, they can be the least obtrusive adornment. Admittedly, I have seen outrageous designs, such as a tree growing three feet tall from the base of the ring, but this is not the norm. They can be worn every day, or on special occasions. There are rings with highly symbolic meanings, such as promises, engagements, or marriage. They can be very expensive, and of high quality, or a plastic spider ring from a cereal box.

Recycled Argentium Sterling Silver Apple Blossom Flower Ring by Beryllina

And we mustn’t forget the fun of the mood ring. I have spent more hours than I should allow myself to admit, testing my mood ring, so it can tell me how I am feeling-because you know, I can’t figure it out myself without a ring.

Rings can have a remarkable presence, such as the cocktail ring. There are spinner rings to relieve stress and anxiety, for people who like to click their pens repeatedly. They can be stackable. A ring can be delicate. While we typically think of them being perfect circles, there is no requirement the two ends join at all. They can even connect to a bracelet, a design I hope to explore at some

Mad as a Hatter by Prunella's Workshop

They are also a very personal piece of jewelry. You can buy anyone a necklace as a gift. Earrings aren’t too difficult, as with very little research, you can determine the recipient has pierced ears. However, rings require a little more investigation, as you need to know their ring size.  Typically, a ring, as a gift, is a symbol of love, whether it be romantic, such as an engagement, or familiar, as in a mother’s ring. More so than other types of jewelry, you will find it’s wearer usually has a story to every ring they wear. For example, I have my great-grandmother’s sapphire ring. I was the first great grandchild, first granddaughter after eight grandsons, and sapphires are our birthstone. Also, by some miracle, I was able to find the sapphire when it fell out of the ring on the back staircase of my dorm, the last night of college. All of my rings have similar stories.

Do you have a ring with a story? What is your favorite type of jewelry? Are you building your inventory too?

Sterling Silver Beach Stone Ring by Linkouture

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  1. I love making rings! I'm just starting to build up new inventory, so many ideas for this year... just need to try to find the time...


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