Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Handmade: Year Two; A Reflection

by Lynn Mohney of Prunella’s Workshop

About a year ago, I first joined Boston Handmade. I learned I was accepted into this fantastic group of artisans in the morning only moments after learning I had received my first rejection to an art show. The next monthly Boston Handmade meeting was scheduled for the evening in Jamaica Plain. I had never been to JP, to the best of my knowledge, but I put my shoes on and headed out. Two and a half hours later, I finally reached my destination, a warm friendly home, with Diane of Lady Dye Fiber Arts to greet me.

Diane of Lady Dye Fiber Arts Eclectic Cowl

A lot has changed since then. It has been over a year from the day I made the bold move of leaving a steady paying job to pursue my art as my full-time business. I have made a few small but repairable mistakes here and there, as I continue to learn and grow. I started off a bit in the dark; however, the day I joined Boston Handmade I was no longer alone in my endeavors.

Cristina of Cristina Hurley Jewely Design   Orange CZ and fire opal Galaxy Necklace
It is a difficult job. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. No one tells you when to get up, or when you have to be at work. There are no reminders when you haven’t done enough. Just when it seems you are going no where fast, a bubble of excitement will explode, reminding you why you decided to do this in the first place. If you do think you want to leave the rat race and pursue an art as your profession, I recommend you find yourself a group of like-minded people who in some way share your vision. Anything can be accomplished with a little bit of team work.

Bev of Linkoture's Simple Wedding Necklace Sterling Silver

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  1. Kudos for your support of Handmade.
    Last year I visited Kennebunkport not too far from Boston (relatively). Great handmade crafters gathering too.


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