Thursday, September 18, 2014

Consider doing a Trade Show!

by Diane Ivey of Lady Dye Yarns

Back in May of this year, my company, Lady Dye Yarns attended our first trade show. It was an incredible experience to showcase my yarn on the national stage and to meet so many leading manufactures in the textile business. Now that the trade show is over with, I went from being in 2 stores to now being in 20 stores!

Originally, I was very hesitant to participate in a trade show but received encouragement from another yarn wholesaler in Boston, Knit Collage. The cost of doing a trade show is very expensive and in order to go to The National Needle Arts Association Trade Show, I launched an Indiegogo campaign. I did not get the full amount that I was asking for but I raised enough money to take my team to Indianapolis. Doing a trade show opens up so many doors to opportunities beyond selling my yarn wholesale. The trade show allowed me to:
  • Find new distributors for my raw materials.
  • Understanding the trends happening in the textile community.
  • I was able to meet dozens of knitwear designers from around the world who I have reached out to create knitwear designs for Lady Dye Yarns.
  • I was also able to talk with people about how to successful operate my business. 
I learned many things through this trade show. Had I not taken the risk to go, I am not sure where my business would be today. If you are in the crafting world and are thinking about expanding your business, I highly recommend finding a trade show in your craft to attend.

The great knitwear designer Steve Berg who purchased yarn from Lady Dye Yarns!

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