Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Take time off and do something fun

by Diane Ivey of Lady Dye Yarns

Sometimes taking a break in your craft can be so rewarding! I have spent this whole summer dyeing yarn, teaching classes, and connecting with yarn stores and I realized I really needed to have a break. Often times we are so focused on our work that we forget the other important things in our lives such as family and friends.

This summer, I made it an effort to take care of myself and do fun activities. Although we did not have a hot summer here in Boston, I did find time to go to the beach with friends and soak up some sun and knit. As summer comes to and end and fall is in the air, I want to encourage all of you to take some time to do something fun outside of your work. If you live in New England consider going apple picking, wine tastings, and even jumping in leaves this fall! It’s all about a work life balance!

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