Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Thirteenth With thirteenthstory: New Product Line

The month has seen the launch of a new product line from Jaye of Taking parts of drawings from her sketchbook and designs, Jaye has created flat note card sets now available in her shop.

For some time I have been looking to incorporate my art into a new handmade product. I've tried bookmarks and magnets, but so far the note cards have been the most successful.

Half of them include fossilized leaves, which have been dyed and applied with archival glue to the cards, and the other half are my drawings printed onto the cards. The reason behind the leaf designs is not only that they are unique, but also that it gets me out there trying something new and crafty.

So now, along with prints, originals and zines, you can find these new cards at They are being introduced in "waves," meaning four new cards every few weeks.

Thank you.

Work by thirteenthstory can also be seen and purchased in her shop on Etsy.


  1. Jaye,
    these are fabulous!!! If you haven't already, get them up on Trunkt! I'm sure they'll get picked up really quickly by shops and galleries.



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