Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Rebekah of SHIP by RLS

My ‘studio’ is a charming little section of my bedroom. I had mixed feelings about cramming a sleeping and working space together, but it really works for me. Everything has its place. I wish I could say that this was due to the small space, but I cant, its because I am a neat freak by nature. Some, however, might say neat freak is an understatement. I am what happens when a neat freak, an avid collector and a fan of storage containers meet!

Glass jars hold buttons … that’s Im not sure when I’ll use. Old pasta jars hold my prized Sharpie collection! An old record table from my grandfather’s attic is the perfect storage spaces for all papers, magazines and books that I will eventually disassemble and make into frames.

On my desk an old IKEA storage bin is like my wingman…he’s got everything I need!

It’s a cozy little craft corner!

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