Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vacation Inspiration - part II

by Nicole of Designs by Lulubelle

After reading Betsy's post, I was inspired to write about an upcoming grouping of tote bags that is in the works.

Prior to having children, my husband and I did quite a bit of traveling to exotic locales. Instead of buying traditional souvenirs, we'd hunt for items that were native to the area or more specifically a piece of art. Even when friends or family members travel, they often bring us back a piece of local artwork.

Since most of my recent travel adventures have involved a large mouse and various other characters, I have had the good fortune of receiving souvenirs brought back by family members. Their recent travels have included trips to Japan and Senegal and I have had the good fortune of receiving multiple yards of fabric from both of those locations.

The fabric piles have sat on my desk as inspiration to me just waiting to be made into something that could showcase their beauty. Recently, I've decided to make a collection of totes for the upcoming summer season. Stay tuned for the "Passport Collection"....

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