Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tis the Season...

...for blushing brides and beautiful weddings!

by Amy of Amy Olson Jewelry

As spring arrives, I have been busy creating my Spring Bridal Collection for 2008 and working on custom bridal jewelry, which is just love to do! It thrills me to be apart of a bride's big day by adorning them with unique one-of-a-kind jewelry. Here are a few pieces from the current collection.....
Pink Garden Necklace

Spring Vine Lariat

Pearl Sway Necklace

And, of course, other talented members of Boston Handmade are also offering beautiful bridal and wedding items...

Katy of MuchachaK offers gorgeous custom reversible clutches for the bride and her party as well as jewelry rolls, which make a perfect gift!
The Original Muchacha K Custom Reversible Clutch

Custom Single Pocket Jewelry Roll

Crystal of Vintage by Crystal makes all kinds of beautiful wedding items. Here is what she has to say about creating for weddings, "Ahhh weddings… You’d be hard pressed to find a woman of any age who doesn’t dream about the glorious events of her wedding day. But preparing for those events can prove to be a real challenge! So many details…flowers, food, dresses, bridesmaids, party favors, etc. etc. What’s my favorite thing when it comes to weddings? The cake of course! What girl doesn’t love cake? But long after the rich devils food, creamy frosting and sugary embellishments have been gobbled up…the thing that remains to be cherish forever is the sweet cake topper featuring tiny representations of the loving couple themselves. That’s where I come in! I make a simple variety of vintage inspired wedding cake toppers that have the charm of individuality (no two are the same) and even use vintage lace, flowers, old photo portraits, beads and whatever else I can dig up at flea markets, garage sales and yes…ebay. "
"I usually concentrate on holiday decorations but started making cake toppers when one of my best customers asked if I ever thought about making wedding items. Then the lightbulb when on and I started putting together cake toppers right away. My brilliant customer bought them all (she owns a store in Long Island, NY) and got a great response from her customers. Now I make them regularly and even do custom orders for clients using their own photos, wedding colors, wedding dress style etc. I’ve even done two birds in a tree, goldfish, and dogs on wedding cake toppers! And when a client wants a gift to give a special couple on their special day, I make boxes and wreaths in a cake topper style featuring the bride and groom. The bride and groom are made from spun cotton (my specialty), and dressed in crepe paper, vintage lace, tissue paper, tulle and embellished with vintage millinery flowers, my grandmother’s antique Czech beads, and more! Their faces are usually borrowed from antique photo portraits of people from the past, but occasionally I’ll customize the topper by digitally antiquing photos of customers. The bases are made out of anything ranging from an old cheese box, an overturned vintage mini cake pan, sheet music on cardboard, etc. It all depends on what I’ve dug up at the flea market that week!"
"I’ve never had a wedding myself (a few years down the road, and who knows…), but still I can’t help but giddy with excitement when helping a lucky lady prepare for her special day. It’s just too much fun!"

And here are some beautiful pieces from Vintage by Crystal and if you are interested, in a custom order, just check out her shop!


  1. These are all so beautiful! Too bad I have no weddings to attend this season (they seem to come and go in bunches)...

  2. Lovely items - love the vintage cake toppers - very cool and unusual idea!

  3. Crystal's cake toppers make me so happy! I wish they were around when I got married (almost 17 years ago), I totally would have had one on my cake!!!Seriously!!!


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