Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

with Marla of Sea Glass Things

I like to call my workspace "Organized Chaos" - however, I know exactly where everything is. It becomes a bit disorganised because my workspace is separate from my storage - and on two different levels. I store in my computer room and then work at the end of the dinning room table. The family doesn't like it much because a project could take weeks and the table is consumed with my stuff.
I create sea glass and sea pottery shard jewelry, art and home decor. The first picture is that of some insulator cover I believe. It looks black... but when you hold it up to the light it is a deep and vibrant purple! I scour the beaches all year to collect and have bins full of my bounty. I separate the glass by color and place them in their own bins. Generally common colors like emerald green, white and dark brown are tossed in together.

I have all my display items for shows in another bin - mail and marketing items in yet another bin... and lastly, my sterling components are in separate containers from other beads. Everything has a place... even though it may not look pretty at times. I work on a board my husband covered for me with this foam material. This board is really simple, yet is extremely useful... and yes, handmade! I have a dremel and diamond drill bits I use when drilling my glass and pottery - always keeping my surface wet... and wearing a mask and protective goggles.

It took me along time to perfect my methods when starting out. I didn't know how to drill through glass or what to use. There weren't a lot of people doing what I was doing then. However, through trial, error and a lot of research - I have found my grove and what works best for me!

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