Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day Tripping

Visiting the Cathedral of the Pines...
by, Marla of Sea Glass Things

Both of my children were baptized at The Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH - and every now and then we day trip up to visit the tranquility and beauty that resides there. This cathedral is also as abundant in history as it is in nature. There is an outdoor place of worship, which overlooks Mt. Monadnock, that is breathtaking. There is also a marble alter "Altar of the Nation" where our ceremonies were held. The three slabs of marble came from a quarry in Cardiff, Maryland where the Mason-Dixon line runs through. These slabs symbolize division and unity for all.
Upon entering the grounds, you are greeted by the Women's Memorial Bell Tower. It is a reminder of all the women who have sacrificed for their beliefs and for others. What is so interesting to me is the four brass plaques on the sides of the tower were made from the relief drawings of Norman Rockwell. The four plaques (Girls of Combat, Civilian Women, Clara Barton with Soldier and Pioneer Women) honor women for the sacrifices they have made during time.
Inside the bell tower is a beautiful "Tree of Life Fountain". This fountain was designed to honor nurses that have served our country in war. The tree trunk is meant to be a woman's backbone (determination, stamina and courage) and also has 12 fruits - a different one for each month to signify a healing of the nations. This is a fountain so the water is meant to be the "Waters of Life" to feed and care for the "Tree of Life".

Besides the history - there are beautiful flower gardens and hidden spots to explore. I love photography - so I am always snapping away - and always exploring the beauty nature offers.

For more information or directions, visit the Cathedral of the Pines website.

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