Sunday, October 5, 2008

Informational Marketing

by Betsy of Stonehouse Studio

The internet can be a boon or a curse for artists. It provides instant communication, recognition and is a fabulous marketing tool. On the other hand, the internet makes it easy for someone to rip-off your ideas, maliciously or not. These days, almost every artist that sells their work has some degree of internet exposure. So I was thrilled when Ford|Forlano, previously rather internet shy, posted a video about their process on YouTube.

Steve Ford and David Forlano's collaboration goes back 20 years. They were, and continue to be, innovators in polymer clay design. It's interesting to see their cross-country partnership in action. Note the differences in their approach - Steve's gloriously messy studio versus David's pristine work area. And don't miss the 20 years worth of polymer canes stashed in Steve's studio - my head spins with the possibilities.

Regardless of your medium, it's four minutes worth watching.

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