Friday, October 10, 2008

One of my inspirations

by Lynne of Cozy Cottage Creations

It occurred to me recently that one of my biggest inspirations is perhaps unlikely. It’s produce. Every time I go shopping, whether at the grocery store or the farmer’s market, I can’t wait to go home and reproduce what I’ve just bought before I slice it up or cook it for dinner. What is it about a luscious piece of fruit that makes me want to capture it in wool?

Food to me is like color. It’s essential like air. I suppose that makes sense, since we need food to live, but I’m not talking about just food to sustain us. I’m talking about food that’s vibrant, potent, and zesty. I love farmer’s markets and go as often as I can.

In my crazy youth in New York City, my favorite after-work activity was to wander around gourmet food stores. I could stay there for hours. Now my goal is to create enough felted produce to have my own little Felted Farmer’s Market!


  1. So lovely. If you have ever questioned if you are creative or not, question no more... These are exquisite.


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