Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Shop :: FONT SUPPLY!

by Arian of and NOW ALSO

I love aged textures: faded vintage book covers with yellowed pages, rusty metal signs with chipping painted letters, the weather-stained wood of an old barn side.

And I love fonts! Who else has spent countless weekend evenings downloading fonts from Anyone?...No?...ahem, anyways...

So from these loves I've just opened a second Etsy shop with my "vintage sign and book-inspired" graphic letter and number prints.

There's at least one of every letter so you can spell out your name, favorite phrase, address, store name, etc! And if you want a "C" in the style if the "G" (or any other such combo) just let me know and I will make it happen!


  1. (me) Hi, my name is Christine O'Brien and I am a fontaholic.

    (group) Hello Christine.

    (me) Like you, I have spent hours and days downloading free fonts. Modern, traditional, display, transitional, you name it. I need help and this blog post is not helping...these are great!!

  2. what a brilliant idea! I'll be right over!


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