Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

...with Chris of Christine Marie Art

Recently I attended a forum about how to make the most of your Open Studios. It just so happens that I'm busy preparing work and marketing materials for Open Studios, so the information presented was both welcome and necessary!
The first question posed to the forum was, "What is your most effective marketing tool?" and everyone agreed it was the postcard. So I ordered mine through VistaPrint, and they arrived very quickly. The forum also provided some tips on how to best utilize the postcard -- one being that if you leave part of the back blank, you can use sticky labels to update your show schedule and always keep the postcard up-to-date. This is what I chose to do on my postcards, in addition to adding my artist statement.

So, when you see me at all of my upcoming shows, be sure to pick up a postcard.

In the meantime, here are some pieces that I am preparing. The first is waiting for the resin to be poured into the well, and the second shot is a smattering of what I am packing to bring to the fall shows. Looking forward to it!!


  1. I love your work. Would you be willing to teach how to handle resin?

  2. Ditto to Linda's comments! Love the pink one :)


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