Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Workspace Wednesday...

by Jen of Blue Alvarez Designs

Lately I've been antsy about my full time job. Grateful, let there be no doubt. But antsy. I have a degree in engineering, and I work in customer service. It makes me question my sanity, at the best of times.

But I work CS at an apparel firm - knitwear, to be exact. And I don't exactly have a head set on all day, my job is a twee bit more interesting than that. Since it's so closely linked to what I do when I'm not there between 8 and 5 every day, it stands to reason that this wasn't a total accident.

And it wasn't. I am cleverer than I look. So in the interest of helping myself to see myself, and both my jobs, a little more clearly, I decided to do a Workspace Wednesday post comparing and contrasting my two work spaces.

Behold! My cubicle:

Glamorous, no? At first glance it looks pretty barren and typical, totally different than my workspace at home, I thought. Well, you be the judge:

Let this serve as Exhibit A. "Sterile" is the first word that comes to mind.

Now, granted, I moved into my new home in May, and that being the beginning of the seasonal crafting insanity, I have neither painted nor decorated. So, maybe I have an excuse. And I would allow myself to believe that if the similarities stopped there. However, they don't. Exhibit B, the maps:

I keep a map of China just above the "ironing board" (term used loosely) in my studio (AKA bedroom) because as I mentioned last month, 我學習國語,and I would very much like to 去中國旅行

In true Sagittarius fashion, I also keep a map handy at my day job, and am surrounded (mostly on paperwork) by 漢字:

Exhibit C, the "Wall of Inspiration":

I keep all manner of clippings, mostly from WWD on the wall, not unlike how I used to do on my walls at home. Now, it's a little more demure, mostly books, but I am sure that will change once I finally decorate:

And Exhibit D, no matter how organized I am about some things, I will inevitably have some of my most important information written on napkins, old notebooks, and, yes, Post-Its:

I don't have a photo of the myriad of notebooks I have with my pattern notes at home, but suffice to say I wrote out a hat pattern today on the back of T ticket, so you get the idea.

Lastly, I spend all my time, at both jobs, working with big, humming machines - and in both cases, in the name of creating and shipping sweaters! I won't bother to introduce you to the computer at work, since she's affable but not really my type. So say hello to the ladies (and gentleman) who make coming home something to look forward to:


Harold and Maude, respectively:

And here's a group shot of H & M with Daria, at right:

I was once told that no matter how hard I try to be different things at different times, ultimately it's impossible. No matter what our underlying makeup, we take that personality with us wherever we go. I don't know if that means I am more at home in corporate American than I'd like to admit, or more artistically inclined than I realize - likely both. Either way it means I hate clutter, love knitwear, and am not afraid of a little hard work. And I can certainly live with that.

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  1. It's good to know that your left AND right brain can be equally as ambitious and productive!


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