Thursday, February 12, 2009

And So It Grows.... (my stash, that is)

by Lynne at Cozy Cottage Creations

On of the things I never considered when I first started this business two years ago was my yarn stash. I've always been a bit of a supply hog (who can't relate to that!). Part of my desire to create items for sale in the Big-Ol'-World was to give a purpose to my much-loved collection of yarn and fabric beyond just scarves for my relatives and ponchos for my daughters' dolls.

Two years ago, I proudly had 1 drawerful of yarn (it was in the bottom drawer - the biggest). So my logical mind told me that this is how I would work my business:

1. Make an item using yarn from my stash
2. Sell that item
3. Replace the yarn
4. Repeat process going back to Step 1.

And so it would go.

What I didn't take into account was my obsessive mind with an unstoppable lust for fiber. How it actually went was this:

1. Think of an item to make
2. Go shopping for the yarn.
3. Buy yarn for that project plus 10 other projects I envision while poking around the yarn store.
4. Make the item but run out of yarn in the process
5. Buy more yarn to finish project, plus yarn for 10 other projects while poking around the yarn store.

Of course, you can see the problem (if you call an attic full of yarn a problem) with this course of action, but do you think I did while it was happening? The answer is "No". I suppose this is why it's recommended to have a Business Plan in place when one first embarks upon a business. I've heard that one of the most common mistakes people make when beginning a craft business is to overbuy in supplies. (Now imagine the sound of me slapping my hand on my forehead). Wow - I wish I had read that when I first started! Oh wait, maybe I did.

Anyway - I'm not complaining here - my love for my stash of yarn has grown right along with the stash. I do find myself scratching my head from time to time saying how did my yarn grow from a basket, to a drawer-full, to a dresser-full, to an attic-full.

And that's not including the roving and other fiber I've accumulated during this time period. As the song goes, "One thing leads to another"....and I'm excited that since my stash now demands a room of it's own, I'm embarking on my next project, which is to convert our attic into my studio. More news on that once it's finished!

So, my advice to anyone starting out is: if you're looking for some profit in the near future, do not follow my business model.

But, if you're looking for a great motivator to convert your attic into usable space, build that stash!

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  1. Haha, I can totally relate! I've been good and have only purchased yarn for specific projects while I'm still working on processing the stash I did accumulate before my "yarn diet". . . however, you have me beat!


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