Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Upside of a Down Economy

by Louise of THE HOLE THING

We probably all know someone who has lost their job, or maybe even their house. Every time we turn on the T.V., or radio there seems to be more bad news. Sound familiar? Well I decided to think about the upside of this down economy, and here is what I came up with:
-It is often difficult times like these that nurture the best ideas.
-Historically many successful businesses have been launched during economic downturns.
-We are all living smarter than we did a year ago.
-It’s good for the environment. Less spending=less manufacturing & shipping=less pollution, and more conservation of raw goods, and energy.
-The economy is forcing people, and companies, to confront their bad spending habits.
-People are buying more locally made, or grown products.
-There is so much great advice in the media right now on how to stretch our dollar.
-Having less can actually enrich our lives. Less going out, and more time spent at home being creative.
-It’s not so much what is happening, but how we handle what is happening. We may discover strengths that we didn’t know we had.
-Part of any process is just learning to adjust our expectations.
-Being more frugal, and trying to survive on less can actually be gratifying.
As an artist, or an artisan, or someone who just likes to read the Boston Handmade blog, I’m curious what you might be feeling more grateful for lately in your life. Please chime in with a comment, or add your own thoughts on the upside of this down economy. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. What a great post! I love your list. I think you've covered it all!

    There is only one way to go and that's up. I know it will take awhile but I will maintain some semblance of optimism!! :)

  2. Very well stated! It's nice to think about the glass half full these days...thanks for making me sit back, think, and smile...I know I'm learning more from this crisis than I ever did before it happened:)

  3. Your post is so true. For me, in trying to cut back on art expenses, I learned some new skills. I now go to the lumberyard for sheets of MDF (a recycled medium density fiberboard) and cut them down with my new saw to use as a substrate for my art. I love the results. -- I should note that at the lumberyard I have to wait quite a while because they have cut way, way back on employees, like everywhere else.

  4. I completely agree with you! I have always felt that trying times can offer some of the greatest reward. I feel more driven and determined. I appreciate the time with my family more. When you can't afford a vacation, it is amazing the little artsy projects you can come up with and I often learn from watching them. They are so free when they create!

  5. I like this quote from a fortune cookie I opened: Frugality is a handsome income.


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