Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun with Vintage Patterns

By Kiki of All the Numbers

Three of my friends have had babies within the past few months, so I have been wanting to try some patterns just for the littlest ones. My friend Nancy made an amazing find in her attic, and has been listing vintage patterns in her shop. I was so excited when I saw she had a pattern for just the outfit I was looking for - a retro sun suit for baby!

<---This is the pattern, it's from 1972

This is my first attempt at it. I made it with baby Nate in mind, but his mama thought it was too girly with the gathers at the legs. Next time I will lengthen the legs and make short-alls instead, I guess, though I really do love the way it came out. What do you think?


  1. Heavens, I can *remember* wearing these. How old does that make me. My grandmother made them, and I felt sooooo proud.

  2. I think it's fantastic! I would put it on my boy when he was a little one - the elastic legs are great in the heat and allow for lots of crawling and exploring. Longer legs could feel restrictive and bothersome so leave lots of room. Nobody likes tight restrictive pants - take it from me ;)

  3. I lived in these as a baby and toddler growing up in Mexico and Panama! We called them rompers back then!


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