Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Art Connection

By Kim of Breton Bleu Studio

Recently my friend Mike informed me he was a member of the board at The Art Connection, an organization I was unfamiliar with. I immediately went to their website and fell in love with their mission: connecting artists and donors to community service organizations through the placement of original artwork.

As an artist, my house if full of original works of art: some from galleries, some gifts, and some from trades I've made with other artists. Of course my perspective is that an original offers more than does a framed poster. An original gives depth, vibrancy, and visual interest to a space.
When people visit our home they always comment on the artwork. We generally tour rooms in terms of the artwork, because each piece has a story.

On The Art Connection's "testimonial" page is this quote which spoke to me:

"When I walk into a room I've never ever been into, I look around and see what's in it. If there's lots of art I feel wanted. If there isn't, I feel lonely."
Fifth grade student, Paige Academy

This organization has already placed nearly 4,000 works of art. Think of the difference they are making for the community! I'm delightedly filling out my application to make a donation.

Perhaps if you're a visual artist, you'll consider doing the same as I know some members of Boston Handmade already have.


  1. I have been donating my artwork through The Art Connection for several years, and I also volunteer on one of their Committees - it is an extremely worthy organization that does really important work in the community. I strongly encourage everyone to donate art or money or both to help them in their cause!

  2. Well said comment.
    Thank you for chiming in!


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